Everest Base Camp
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Like most successful expeditions, navigating the mountain of knowledge required to embark on one of these missions takes a team of experienced guides. It’s their doubtless leadership that sheds certainty and direction on a team; but often, those first steps leading up to them can feel just the opposite. For the questions that you’re just not sure where to begin or who to ask, start here.
reading routes and understanding mountain terrain
TREKKING EFFICIENTLY, finding basecamp, and picking the right route requires the ability to route-find and navigate complex terrain. Here, we will lay out how to prepare yourself before stepping foot outside your door to returning to town after a climb attempt—which hopefully includes a successful summit.
how to respect and support local culture on an expedition
how to predict mountain weather for expedition climbing
gear for a climbing expedition: selection and storage
travel smart, stay healthy & save money
q&a with garrett madison: top questions answered
best ways to acclimatize before an expedition
training for a climbing expedition
top 10 tips for expeditions
how to climb mt. everest
Everest Base Camp
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