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Whether you’re making the first turn on the bunny slopes or pushing 100 days in unexplored backcountry terrain, we’re all en route to a new learning that unlocks that next level of our snowsports experience. For the questions that you’re just not sure where to begin or who to ask, start here.
what to bring backcountry skiing
THE MOUNTAIN GUIDES, Our alpine and rock climbing guide partner, talk through what gear is needed for a single day in the backcountry. From what layers to wear to what safety equipment is required, this article will provide guidelines to help dial in your own system.
loading your touring pack
resort etiquette: your guide to maintaining a safe & cooperative recreation space
power snacks for backcountry
riding & skiing
adjusting mindsets to suit different riding environments
understanding snowpack & reading avalanche reports
the best backcountry skiing destinations for beginners
layering for backcountry ski excursions
how to get ski fit
the 100-day season: how to maximize your ski time
how to maintain and revive old ski gear
the top backcountry ski destinations in america
sidecountry and slackcountry: it’s all backcountry
building better ski shells: behind the scenes with gore-tex
Two skiers hiking their way up in the backcountry at sunrise.