rays your defenses
Get dependable sun protection you won’t need to reapply. Our garments
use high-quality, high-density materials that create a natural UPF barrier,
keeping chemical additives out of your clothing, the wash, or your skin.
gear up for summer
pack your bags
Bringing an alpine-worthy material set to trek-capable carrying
systems, this season’s packs provide extreme comfort and technicality.
featured equipment and trail styles
Women's Ghost Whisperer/2™
Down Jacket
Men's Basin™ Pant
Men's Stretch
Ozonic™ Jacket
Women's PCT™ 50L Backpack
PCT™ 55L Backpack
Dynama/2™ Pant
Men's Shade Lite™ Hoody
Women's Crater Lake™ Long Sleeve Active Hoody
Women's High Exposure™ Gore-Tex® C-Knit™ Jacket
Women's Firefall™ Insulated Jacket
Men's The Viv™
Gore-Tex® Pro Jacket
Men's Boundary Ridge™
Gore-Tex® 3L Jacket
Women's Boundary Line™
Gore-Tex® Insulated Jacket
Men's Firefall/2™
Insulated Jacket