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Whether you spend weekends with a backpack hiking remote trails to favorite campsites, or travel for days through seemingly endless airports, our versatile packs and rugged duffel bags are designed to make the heavy loads comfortable. More

On your feet or on a jet, the right hiking backpacks, daypacks and duffels are essential for traveling well. Fording a river? Climbing a mountain? Running a hundred miles in a single race? We make the best waterproof climbing packs, hiking backpacks, daypacks and racing vest packs you can wear—versatile, ergonomic, rugged and waterproof. Less

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From commute to crux, our packs are built to help carry you reliably and comfortably through your epic—and everyday—adventures.
Day Packs – These are your go-to packs for day and weekend excursions. Whether you’re heading for a quick climb or hiking into the backcountry for the night, these packs have everything you need to haul your essentials while travelling light and fast.
Multi-Day – Waterproof and spacious, these high-performance packs are built to take days and even weeks of abuse while you easily carry everything you need for extended trips on the trail or up the mountain in all conditions.
Duffels – This is the perfect stow-and-go bag for hauling gear, travelling, and everything in between. Lightweight and durable, our duffels come in a range of sizes—including styles with OutDry™ waterproofing—to handle whatever conditions arise.
Commuter Bags – Whether you’re travelling by bike, train, on foot or on a plane, these lightweight packs are designed to help transport you and your essentials to and from with ease. Many of our bags are also waterproof and have reflective accents for added protection at all hours in all conditions.
Vest Packs – Built with the outdoor athlete in mind, these packs are made for maximum speed and minimum weight. From trail running and hiking to mountain biking and rapid ascent climbing, you can carry the absolute essentials—including hydration—without slowing down.