On a multi-pitch, mid way up route in the rural Utah desert.
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In the past, rock climbers were born out of mentorship and close-knit coaching directly on the rock. That landscape has since changed dramatically, and the entry points into the sport have grown in number and methods. For the questions that you’re just not sure where to begin or who to ask, start here.
What is ‘Sport Climbing’?
Competition climbing started in the United States in the late 80's at Snowbird Resort. The sport of climbing has come a long way since then, and we're not just talking about graduating from leopard print tights and mullets...
Kyra Condie lead climbing in the gym
Rock n’ Rain: Climbing after an event of wet-weather
The Mountain Guides explain why and when it is imperative to wait to climb after it rains, for the sake of your safety and the preservation of our sandstone climbing areas.
gym climbing:
how to get started
training tools: hangboards,
campus boards & moonboards
how to plan a
climbing road trip
climbing protection:
when to use cams vs. nuts
how to stay
route-finding 101:
understanding topos,
terrain & your intuition
competition climbing:
everything you need to know
intro to bouldering:
getting started safely
Climbing n the Utah desert wearing the Basin pant
the latest climb kit