SUN IS OUT SO ARE WE graphic on top of image of a person hiking near Bishop, CA.
An obscure view of a figure and tent fly from underneath.
The passes are open and so are the possibilities. 

The trails are clear and so are our minds. 

The rock is dry and our thirst unquenched.
An image of a climber reachers for her next hold overlaid on a yellow background.
Snow is melting, plans are crystallizing,
and we’re coming out from under our
rock to breathe the spring air and

uncover what we’re made of.

This is the moment we’ve been
waiting for: with sunlight in

spades, there’s time to make 

mistakes, reroute and rejoice.
A female hiker wearing a Crater Lake Hoody takes in the moment, looking directly into the camera lense.
Clouds and blue sky.
The skies may
change shade, but
we stay out and
can’t stay put.
"Take cover, let liquid sunshine bring on the buds, and find out what fresh ideas unearth." overlaid on a studio profile shot of a hiker in a rainshell.
OUR SPIRITS ARE SOLAR POWERED text layered on a green background.