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haywire – risk, success, and failure

Haywire - Risk, Success, Failure Video Trailer Preview
Like any true adventure, things don’t go as planned. Cheyne Lempe provides a gripping story of risk, success, and failure, featuring incredible visuals that capture the raw beauty and power of this rarely-seen Baffin Island alpine wilderness.

“‘Is it worth it?’ Kudos to Cheyne for asking the question.”

—Alpinist, Freddie Wilkinson

“Haywire is quite possibly the most honest and raw account of a climbing expedition that I have ever seen. Too often I feel that climbing films gloss over the deeper, darker struggles that obviously surround intense endeavors like this.”

—Climber, Angie Payne

“Cheyne and David really did what every adventure film should do: deliver the magic, power, beauty and mystery of a wild journey. Without mystery, there is no adventure.”

–Explorer, Mike Libecki

“I’m honestly nervous to share such an intimate look at the scariest moment of my life… but I hope it inspires everyone to go as big as they can and take a deeper look at why we do the things we love.”

—Cheyne Lempe