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5 questions with anna liina laitinen

Get to know the newest member of the Mountain Hardwear climbing team, Anna Liina Laitinen.
I started taking pictures because I wanted to document the experiences I had while climbing. Climbing has allowed me to travel to some amazing places, and it being a fairly secluded and personal sport, I find there is even more value in capturing that special moment. I am excited to keep practicing and improve my knowledge of photography. After using my boyfriend’s Sony a7R II camera every time it was within reach, I decided to get one for myself. The camera’s Wifi has been a game-changer for my social feed.
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Cooking gets me to this similar flow feeling I’m addicted to in climbing. What I love the most are easy going mornings spent sipping coffee and slow cooking some delicious oatmeal. The secret ingredient for making the perfect oatmeal is being patient. Be sure to use non-steamed oats (they expand and make the oats fluffy!) and don’t disturb the oats while you slow cook them. Before serving, heat the oats and add a little bit of soy milk to make it a little creamy. I wish I could take some things as seriously as my oatmeal making.

Hungry? Check out Anna’s full oatmeal recipe ›.
It would be easier to just not climb when it’s freezing, but that’s not an option for me. Last fall, I was wearing my StretchDown during all my warm-up routes because of its ability to stretch and keep me warm. Loving it.
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Jerry Moffatt’s “Mastermind” and “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance” by Steven Kotler. I’m not only trying new ways to make myself physically stronger, I’m focusing more on the head game. Controlling the head is pretty similar in other sports too so there is a lot of literature on it.
Route setting. People at my local gym in Finland have been excited about me starting route setting (especially the short ladies) in hopes to get more routes with shorter moves. But to be honest, my boulders and routes have had some pretty long reaches, pinches and slopers because I’ve gotten used to using my whole range and those “dude holds” and moves are something I’d like to improve on as well.
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