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Keep warm and protected in a range of temperatures with our synthetic insulated sleeping bags. Constructed with premium materials like our incredible Ghost Whisperer fabrication of dense nylon, they’re up for tough conditions.

In a compact, non-bulky mummy cut, our sleeping bags keep your pack as light as possible. They come in longer lengths for tall people, in women-specific sizes for the right fit, and right or left-handed zipper positions based on your preference.

If you’re allergic to down, our Thermal.Q insulation will save you. It has outstanding compressibility and maintains excellent loft for a dependable bag. It’s warmer than traditional polyester insulation as it’s designed to mimic the structure of goose down—rigid stems that form a matrix of gaps and softer fibers to fill those gaps. The result is a light, warm, and absolutely rebound-able design.

While down has a reputation for being the best insulation, our synthetic-fill bags perform just as well in low to mid temperatures. Our ratings go below zero, so you can find the ideal alpine-ready mummy bag for your Mt. Hood and K2 trips.

For comfort, our sleeping bags are built to repel rain and perspiration, to hold in body heat, and keep drafts out. The Lamina collection maximizes the loft of your insulation, eliminates cold spots, and maps insulation to areas you need the most warmth.

Look for our proprietary equipment to complement your sleeping bag, like a camping tent, an expedition backpack, and outdoor clothing in our sale collection. Or, compare with our down sleeping bags.

Stay warm overnight in our synthetic sleeping bags.