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There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for the best sleeping bag. Weight, packability, insulation and temperature are all important and our full line of sleeping bags are designed to perform in all conditions and climates. But with so many sleeping bags to choose from, finding the right bag is the first step. We've got mummy bags, ultralight bags, compact bags and everything in between for a good night's sleep.

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Whether in a bivouac shelter at the crag or in blizzard conditions at high elevation, our full line of sleeping bags are built to perform in all conditions and climates—including synthetic bags and those that utilize our proprietary Q.Shield DOWN technology to maintain warmth.
Below 0 Degrees Made for the most remote, most unforgiving environments on the planet. Designed specifically with alpine climbing in mind, these bags are built to keep you comfortable in harsh conditions.
5-20 Degrees Made for versatility in unpredictable conditions, these bags minimize weight over long treks while maintaining warmth and comfort in the face of cold or wet weather.
>20 Degrees Designed for everyday adventures, these bags provide comfort and protection whether you’re visiting your favorite hike-in campsite or going on a summer climbing excursion.