Environmental Optimism
RICHMOND, CA (April 19th, 2019)Mountain Hardwear under parent company Columbia Sportswear Company (Nasdaq: COLM) announces its most environmentally conscious collection to date.

This Spring, Mountain Hardwear launched the most environmentally responsible collection of apparel and equipment in the company’s 25-year history. Inspired by the belief that sustainability is an opportunity, not just an obligation, Mountain Hardwear introduces sustainable technologies in every one of its major campaigns for Spring 2019. These include the launch of Mountain Hardwear’s 25th anniversary Exposure/2™ GORE-TEX® collection, and the complete redesign of the brand’s entire line of packs, tents, and sleeping bags. “We are really excited about some of the new, environmentally responsible materials that are available today,” says Peter Valles, VP of Design and Brand Creative. “We simply chose to work with the most sustainable options available to us, from bluesign®-approved, recycled, and solution-dyed GORE-TEX® fabrics to tent materials made without toxic flame retardants.” and reduced weight over the normal Lamina™.”

New Tents Made Without Fire Retardant Chemicals
As part of Mountain Hardwear’s redesign of their entire equipment collection, the brand has taken a stand against the use of fire retardants in tents, choosing to eliminate these unnecessary chemicals of concern from their new line of base camp, expedition, and backpacking shelters. “The tent flammability standard that often necessitates the use of fire retardant chemicals—some of which are highly toxic compounds—is based on a decades old rule that was developed to protect against highly flammable paraffin-coated cotton circus tents,” explains Joe Vernachio, Mountain Hardwear’s CEO. “We’re challenging the value of applying this outdated standard to our tents in the interest of sustainability and our consumer’s health. We are eliminating their use from all future Mountain Hardwear tents.”

Exposure/2™ Gore-Tex® Pro Fabrics With Solution Dye
In Mountain Hardwear’s pinnacle Exposure/2™ GORE-TEX® Pro styles, select colorways feature solution-dyed fibers. Instead of the traditional process—in which individual strands of unpigmented synthetic yarn are dyed using a large volume of water and chemicals—solution dyeing involves mixing pigment directly into the plastic pellets. When the pellets are extruded into yarn, the output is a deep, permanently colored fiber that can be woven into fabrics without the use of water or additional dyes.

“The incorporation of recycled and solution dyed textiles has the potential to significantly lower the environmental impact of the textile materials used to make GORE-TEX® garments,” said Bernhard Kiehl, Gore Fabrics Sustainability Leader. “Our Life Cycle Analysis Studies indicate that a long and useful life is the single most effective factor for more sustainable outerwear. Solution dyeing directly addresses this key finding, as we anticipate that this process will produce better durability through much higher colorfastness. In addition, solution dyeing reduces a garment’s environmental impact with lower water usage, lower chemical usage and smaller carbon footprint.”

The solution-dye process requires 89% less water, 63% fewer chemicals, and generates 60% less CO2 emissions than traditional dyeing, while creating colors that are more consistent, more colorfast, and that resist fading or washing out. Mountain Hardwear employed solution-dye technology in one colorway for the Exposure/2™ GORE-TEX® Pro Jacket and Bibs; remaining colorways were made using 100% recycled nylon, further reducing the environmental footprint of the collection. In addition, the entire Exposure/2™ collection employs bluesign®-approved fabrics.

Pfc-free (C0) Durable Water Repellants
As part of the spring launch of GORE-TEX™ jackets with PACLITE® Product Technology, Mountain Hardwear chose a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment free of perfluorinate compounds (PFCs). This technology, known as C0 DWR, eliminates the persistent toxins associated with the longchain carbon chemistry of C8 or C6 DWR, which has been the industry standard. “As a garment’s first line of defense against precipitation, Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments are essential to the performance of high-quality outerwear,” says Steve Adams, Mountain Hardwear’s senior outerwear product line manager. “However, until recently those benefits came with a significant environmental cost: the use of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), inorganic substances that accumulate in the environment. By eliminating PFCs in our GORETEX® Paclite collection, we’re delivering water-repellency performance without the environmental impact.”

About Mountain Hardwear
Mountain Hardwear, Inc., founded in 1993 and based in Richmond, CA, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear Company that distributes its products through specialty outdoor retailers in the United States and 34 countries worldwide. We build essential equipment for climbers, mountaineers, and outdoor athletes and have supported expeditions on the world’s highest peaks. This level of technical precision continues to inspire everything we do. Our designers challenge every stitch and detail to continuously improve both function and comfort. www.mountainhardwear.com

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