Primaloft logo overlayed on an image of a climber climbing on Donner pass.
When you wear a garment that utilizes PrimaLoft insulation, you can count on warmth without bulk, lightweight softness, water resistance, and the same compressibility and packability as goose down. That means that not only will your synthetic-insulated garment fit as comfortably on your body as it does in your pack, but in an unexpected storm in the backcountry, they’ll continue to keep you warm and dry as you seek shelter. Originally developed to serve the needs of the U.S. Army, who desired a water-resistant alternative to down, PrimaLoft is recognized globally as the leader in synthetic insulation.
PrimaLoft Technology diagram illustrating the fabric being water-resistant, thermally efficient, breathable, fast-drying and compressional recovery.
products that feature this technology
Men's Kor Strata Climb Jacket
Women's Kor Strata™ Climb Hoody
Men's Kor Strata Vest
Women's Kor Strata™ Vest
A climber in the Kor Strata Climb Jacket organizing his quickdraws near Donner Pass