Polartec logo overlayed on a on an image of a climber on his approach in the desert.
polartec® fleece
The first to knit, nap, and shear synthetic yarns into thermal fabric for outdoor apparel, Polartec®‘s fleece is engineered for long-lasting versatility. Premium polyester yarns are used for their hydrophobic properties to repel moisture and speed dry times. The lofted structures create thermal air pockets to retain warmth while still allowing optimal breathability. As the inventor of fabrics knit from upcycled plastic bottles, Polartec® is committed to reducing emissions and waste, while also meeting the standard for high-quality, sustainable textiles. By establishing higher-than-mandated protocols for water filtration, waste capture, and recycled content, Polartec® meets the highest possible standard of compliance and accountability.
Polartec Technology diagram illustrating the fabric repelling moisture while retaining body heat.
products that feature this technology
Men's Polartec® High Loft™ Jacket
Women's Polartec® High Loft™ Jacket
Men's Polartec® High Loft™ Vest
Women's Polartec® High Loft™ Pullover
A woman putting on her climbing shoes, sitting on a crash pad, in the Women's Women's Monkey Fleece™ Pullover.