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Extremely lightweight, water repellent, and windproof-Ghost Whisperer™ fabric is made for alpinists. Combined with down in jackets and sleeping bags, its tight weave won't let insulation escape. Shop technical gear that holds in heat without weighing you down as you conquer your ascent.

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There's one mill in the world that weaves the unique Ghost Whisperer™ fabric. As the world's only true 7 denier by 10 denier fabric, it's essential for keeping light when weight can make or break your ascent.

Developed as part of our Ueli Steck Project with the renowned speed alpinist, Ghost Whisperer™ equips the next generation of ultrafast mountaineers. The men's and women's down jackets weigh under 8 ounces and are easily compressible into a pocket. Our Ghost Whisperer™ down sleeping bags minimize bulk on your pack. Complete your alpine kit with mountaineering backpacks and expedition tents.

Shop Ghost Whisperer™ equipment for lightweight warmth.