Introducing augmented reality outfitting
Mountain Hardwear AR App video
• Available on iPhone 6S or newer with iOS 12 update
• Available in the US only through the Apple App Store
• Download the Mountain Hardwear AR App and open the app and begin your AR experience
• Augmented Reality Tips
○ Find a well-lit horizontal surface with contrasting colors
○ Hold the phone at 45 degree angle to the surface you are scanning
○ Keep the scanned area in your camera’s field of view
○ To move the product in the field of view, place one fingertip on the product and slowly drag it to the desired location.
○ To rotate the product place two fingertips on the product and slowly drag your fingers in opposite directions.
○ Tap the product in AR to see options. You can change colors, replace, remove the product or visit the web page to make a purchase.
Mountain Hardwear AR App Questions?
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