Cold Weather Sleeping Bags
After a day of climbing Mt. Hood or trekking the Continental Divide, you need a way to sleep comfortably and safely. Rest up for another day of pushing limits in our cold-weather sleeping bags.
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Find sleeping bags for mountaineering that are rated by temperature to zero in on the right ratio of warmth to weight. When you're setting up basecamp in temperatures below freezing, shop our sleeping bags with 20°F / -6°C, 15°F / -9°C, and 0°F / -17°C in the product name. Insulated with either synthetic or down fill, they hold in your body heat while you stay out of the elements.

In high alpine conditions, moisture management is as important as staying warm. Our down sleeping bags resist rain and melting snow to keep the feathers from clumping.

For less bulk, more ergonomic comfort, and efficient weight management, our sleeping bags are mummy shaped. Less bulk also means easier packing and a lighter load-crucial while traversing glaciers.

Once you select the right temperature, choose the right size (short, regular, or long, men's or women's). Then, pick your zipper side preference, whether you like left-handed, right-handed, or center zip positioning.

When it comes to the technical details, Mountain Hardwear thinks of everything. Zippers are backed with insulated draft tubes, gaskets around the hood opening block drafts, and comfort foot boxes cradle your feet.

Complete your kit with our tents for camping, backpacking, or expeditions. Where will you take your cold-weather sleeping bag?