Everest Base Camp
How to Climb Mt. Everest
Ever wondered what it takes to get to the roof of the world? To many, Everest is a special, iconic place to visit, making it a bucket-list item for climbers and mountaineers around the world. But a summit is not simple. Though numbers are rising, and access seems easier than ever, success is never a given... 10x Everest summiter Garrett Madison knows how to plan, pack, and prepare for success. Here is his best advice for a successful expedition.
Everest Base Camp - climbing preparation
Garrett Madison began guiding professionally in 1999 in his home state of Washington on Mount Rainier and has since personally led 52 climbers to the summit of Everest over the course of 14 expeditions and counting without serious injury, more than any other mountain guide. The founder of Madison Mountaineering, a guide service company that offers expeditions to the seven summits and beyond, he regularly leads high-altitude expeditions on mountains such as Aconcagua, Vinson, Kilimanjaro, and Elbrus throughout the year, specializing in Mount Everest.
Everest Base Camp at night and portrait of MHW athlete, Garrett Madison