Expedition Sleeping Bags
Alpine expeditions require you to be prepared, focused, brazen, and safe. For the longest nights perched on the side of a glacial peak, shop our expedition sleeping bags.

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Rated for conditions as low as -40° F, they’re constructed with premium, water-resistant down or synthetic insulation that straddles the line between ultra-warm and super lightweight. A non-bulky mummy-style design keeps unneeded corners from overloading your pack, keeping you agile as you ascend.

To get the most out of your gear, get a waterproof sleeping bag. Part of our pinnacle level of equipment, these bags are made for elite climbers in extreme conditions.

For more options, check out our general cold-weather sleeping bags or camping sleeping bags. For basecamps, add another layer of warmth and cushion with our quilts. Set up camp with our expedition tents and browse our full collection of premium outdoor equipment.

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