what is responsible down?
At Mountain Hardwear, we value transparency so that you can make the most
informed buying decisions possible and feel confident in your products. To
maintain product integrity throughout our supply chain, from raw material
to final product, we certify select products to industry standards.
Responsible Down Standard RDS Certified Textile Exchange logo
All of our down is independently certified to the RDS.
Certified by Control Union. License Number: CU 848416
the responsible down standard
The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certifies down against animal welfare requirements and tracks it from the source to the final product. Products certified to the RDS contain down or feathers from farms certified to animal welfare requirements. The purchase of RDS certified products demonstrates demand for better animal welfare practices in the down and feather supply chain.
At dusk, walking across an old wooden bridge in a Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket
Setting up a route in the Andes, wearing the Ghost Whisperer Jacket
partners with Allied
Feather & Down
Our sourcing partners at Allied Feather & Down ensure the most responsibly-sourced and -processed down insulation available. With quality control being paramount, Allied’s down is of the highest-caliber. A byproduct of the food industry, they work with global suppliers who meet stringent requirements and test for content, species, fill power, cleanliness, and more to ensure the down is free of chemicals and irritants. Allied’s down consistently measures above the standard of hypoallergenic down, making it the cleanest and most allergen-free down available, but the best way to achieve the warmest, lightest, most durable down is to clean it properly. All down undergoes Allied’s proprietary washing process which involves multiple washes in biodegradable, environmentally-friendly detergent and recycled water. From the washer, the down is thoroughly dried, cooled, and de-dusted. It then passes through a metal detector and is shipped in bags and containers that prevent foreign elements like dirt and oil from compromising the quality. This thoroughness and objectivity ensures that all down used in our products not only meets but exceeds industry requirements.
track your down
Allied Feather & Down recognizes the importance of knowing where your down comes from. To learn more about what’s inside your Mountain Hardwear jacket after purchase, use your smartphone to scan the QR code on your hangtag, and you'll be directed to information about its origins.
Outside the Stronghold Dome, Charlotte Stretches in the Ghost Whisperer Pant.