In a climbing clinic by American Alpine Club, they show the participants all the ins and outs of clipping in and creating an anchor at the top of a route.
A climber stands at the top of a rock after topping out.
We proudly partner with reputable nonprofit organizations who are directly supporting the advancement of professionals in the outdoors, the safety and skills of athletes, and the conservation of the environments that help us all experience the awe of nature.

Please help us recognize and thank these organizations for their hard work.
A climber stands in the distance while climbing in the high country.
Our connection to education, conservation
and advocacy, and rescue support
Garrett Madison at Everest Base Camp.
Our champion in bringing safety, shelter,
education, healthcare, and opportunity to
people across the Himalaya.
Our connection to professional guides

and climbing instructors.
An AMGA guide smiles up while at basecamp during a climbing trip.
A close-up shot of a climber bouldering.
Our ally in providing outdoor access
to underrepresented identities.
A hiker on the trail in a very green mountainside.
Our friend in protecting cherished
outdoor resources
Two hikers take a break, laying in the sun, in the desert.
Our support system in skin cancer prevention,
early detection and effective treatment.
Two climbers smiling, both wearing the Summit Grid hoody.
Our neighbors who are supporting
outdoor experiences for the local
community of Richmond, California