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About Us

What We Believe

This is a site full of great gear, amazing gear really. And we want you to see every piece.

But don’t click through quite yet. Read on for a minute. There’s something more important than the things we make. It’s more important than the technologies and the prototyping and the testing. It matters more than design or craftsmanship or product performance.

It’s what we believe. It’s how we look at the world and where we turn when we face tough decisions. Our beliefs are where our products come from and where our brand is going.

We believe in boldness, in the rush of life that comes when you throw your weight forward and lunge for the goal that’s just out of reach.

We believe in bonds between friends, the connections that come from shared hardship, enjoyment and awe. We think that the magnificence of the outdoors is magnified when it’s shared.

We believe in joy, in the grin on your face and yell in your throat when you’re living life fully, when self-awareness disappears into seamless thought, action and enjoyment.

We believe that everything can be better, that what you are now is just a fraction of what you’re meant to be.

We also believe that our philosophy isn’t unusual. It’s at the heart of sports and art and business. Most of all, it’s woven into the fabric of the outdoors. This shared vision of change, invention and never settling for the status quo is why we come to work every day. And why we do what we do every weekend.