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SuperMegaUL™ 2




Our lightest 2-person backpacking tent at just over two pounds. Designed for going fast and light without compromising weather protection, strength or vestibule storage space.
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Features & Specs

  • Weight: - 2 lb. 7 oz. / 1.11 kg. -
  • Fit: - Fits Slightly Small -
  • Tent Capacity: - 2 -
  • Good For: - Backpacking / Hiking -


Our lightest 2-person backpacking tent at just over two pounds. Designed for going fast and light without compromising weather protection, strength or vestibule storage space.



  • Industry leading DAC Featherlight™ NSL poles
  • Super lightweight fabrics designed in every aspect to be as lightweight as possible but to still deliver solid protection from the elements.
  • Guaranteed watertight construction with fully taped fly, taped perimeter seam, welded corners and welded guy clip anchors.
  • One Dry entry vestibule for added storage and convenience.
  • Truly free standing light weight geometry and design.
  • Welded zipper flap construction is lighter and drier than a sewn flap
  • Mesh pockets for interior storage
  • Super-light buckles and webbing reduce tent weight
  • Imported


  • Pole Type: Paleria 'DAC Featherlight™ NSL
  • Fabric Fly: 10D Nylon 800-1200mm PU
  • Fabric Canopy: 15D Nylon Ripstop FR;15D Poly Knit Mesh
  • Fabric Tent Floor: 30D Nylon Ripstop 2000 mm Ether Type PU/SIL FR


  • Weight Packed: 2 lb. 7 oz. / 1.11 kg.
  • Weight Minimum: 2 lb. 2 oz. / 0.98 kg.
  • Weight Pitch Light: 1 lb. 10 oz. / 733 g.
  • Tent Capacity: 2
  • Number of Poles: 2
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Number of Vestibules: 1
  • Height Interior: 36" / 91 cm
  • Length Packed: 22 in / 56 cm
  • Diameter Packed: 5 in / 13 cm
  • Tent Floor Area: 27 sq. ft. / 2.5 m2


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My Take-it-Everywhere Shelter This tent has been on its fair share of trips over the past year that I've had it, including a 19-day thru-hike of the John Muir Trail. It is my favorite tent ever. I once worked in gear rentals and have set up and taken apart more tents than any person ever ought in a lifetime. This tent is incredibly simple and can be set up and taken down, including fly and staking, in minutes. Wind, rain, and pesky bugs were no match for this tent. The fly stays put, though I much preferred having it off. The entire top of the tent is mesh; no unobstructed views of the stars or mountains here unless you've parked it under the trees. As far as 2P UL tents go, this guy is spacious. It has incredible headroom--critical in such close quarters. It comfortably houses my boyfriend (5'9") and me (5'5"). We are lean, so it works for us but don't expect the spacious accommodations of an REI setup. The weight savings are incredible, and combined with its versatility, bug-proofness and peace of mind I prefer to take this with me over my tarp, even on solo trips. Did I mention the little gear pockets on either side of the tent door? Perfect for headlamps and writing/reading material. I love this tent, more than MH will ever know. If you're looking for a shelter that will cut weight, add simplicity to your camp routine and reliably shelter you from pests and weather, look no further. August 6, 2014
Awesome tent My first UL tent. I've always used family size tents, so this was a change. It looks pretty small on the outside. Once you get into it however there seems to be more room than you had first thought. Used this over the weekend to sleep two people, and there was enough room that we weren't jabbing each other. It also stayed dry! The fly is made out of a very cool material, as is the floor of the tent. The only thing that got wet was resting on the mesh side and collected dew. Very easy to pitch solo. Maybe just a few minutes including the footprint and tie downs. May 25, 2014
Probably the best UL2 on the market, but....?? As my review title suggest, the MHW SuperMega UL2 is probably the best ultra/hyper-light 2-person tent on the market, but there are some things that should be addressed. First though, I want to talk about it's strengths, which FAR OUTWEIGH the constructive criticism I will offer. First off, the weight: at a little less than 2.5 pounds, this truly freestanding tent is LIGHT. MHW obviously had a bulls eye on the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 and I believe they hit it. Here are the advantages over its competition: it's virtually the identical weight, it's freestanding, and here's the big one, it's floor is SO MUCH more durable/thicker than the Fly Creek. With the Fly Creek, you must use their 5oz. footprint. As long as you're reasonably cautious where you place this tent, clearing off the area well, you don't need MHW's tyvek footprint. Room: it's descent for an ultralight 2-person tent. Everyone knows that in the backpacking world, particularly in the ultralight category, a 2-person tent is really 1-person plus gear comfortably. You could squeeze 2 people in this tent, but you wouldn't want to do it for long. I'm 6'2", have spent a few nights in it so far, and it's been enough room for me, gear, and a little #very little# room left over. And I have spent a night in a torrential downpour, and as long as you pitch it correctly, using the 3 "pull out" points on the fly, you'll stay bone dry. Now to my constructive criticism: upon inspecting and opening the tent packaging the first time, I was shocked that MHW did not have the typical ultralight sil-nylon "stuff" sacks for the overall tent, the poles and the stakes. Instead, they used just run-of-mill nylon sacks. MHW, you could easily have shaved an ounce or two by giving us ultralight sacks to go with our $450 ultralight tent #your competition does this, saving weight!!!#. I have since upgraded these. The reflective cordage in which everything is tied is way too thick for an ultralight. It's this thicker yellow cord. I re-corded the entire tent, fly and zippers in a smaller diameter cord, again, savings up to an ounce. Neither of these two upgrades #the storage/stuff sacks or cordage# sacrificed durability, but definitely shaved 2-3 ounces. And last, what is up with the generic, no-name tent stakes? Why not give us the ultralight DAC stakes to go with our ultralight DAC poles. Again, not deal breaker, but this, along with the other things I mentioned, should have been included in a $450, premium, supposedly "industry-leading" ultralight. With this all said, I'm still mega-happy with my SuperMega UL2. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Just keep in mind the things mentioned for potential upgrades. April 7, 2014
I stayed dry! I was planning a trip to Kauai for an adventure on the North side and I knew, since it was going to be "Winter" and was the wet season, not to mention in a rain forest, I needed to stay dry. I read the reviews and did my research. This tent is what I came up with. At first glance I was highly doubtful that the tent's rain fly would stand up to anything being as thin as it is. I was wrong, thankfully. We got rained on so hard that I was literally floating in a puddle before I dug drainage lines! No Leaks! As I came inside soaked, the humidity was at around 100% and I could see sublimation occur before my eyes. I thought the inside would be drenched in no time and again, I was wrong! The netting did it's job and the collected moisture rolled down the inside of the fly and right outside the tent! I made my own footprint as well and am grateful for that. Protect your investment and it will protect you. As for the colder season, I will see once I take it to the Sierra this Spring. Cheers and thanks for a great product! February 28, 2014
Great Tent I have taken this tent on 3 trips now. It's very lightweight, and fits inside my pack (MH Wandrin 48) perfectly. I did also buy the footprint, which is way overpriced, and made out of cheap tyvek, but because it was a separate purchase it does not affect the review of the tent. However it does raise the weight to about 3 lbs total. The tent pitches fast, and is freestanding, but stakes are required to use the rain fly. You could get away with 4 stakes in low wind. 2 Adults will fit in this tent, but it will be tight. Tapered or 3/4 length Sleeping Pads fit best. With two people your packs will have to go outside, there is only enough room in the vestibule for one pack. I have only slept in the tent alone, and had plenty of room for me and my pack. The reflective guy lines are a plus when you have to find your tent in the dark (don't forget your headlamp on that midnight p expedition) The color is a huge plus, and one of the main reasons I chose this tent over the BA Flycreek 2. I like for my tent to blend into the environment. The hub style tent poles are great, and snap into position quickly. Care is needed when packing,shoving poles and tent stakes can snag on the mesh on the tent body. If you need extra room in your pack the tent will easily fit on the side of a pack in one of the water bottle pockets. December 18, 2013
BEST TENT...horrible footprint i love this tent. best tent i ever owned. super light weight, super durable, very functional. the only part MH skimped on was the footprint. it literally felt like loose leaf paper. i wonder how they will fix that problem. other than that...seriously best ultralight backpacking tent ever! October 19, 2013
Great Backpacking Tent I just put this tent to use on a backpacking trip in the Rawah wilderness of Colorado. I loved how lightweight and functional this tent was. It was easy to set up and take down. I would have to say that to me this tent seems more like a glorified one-man rather than a two man tent. However, in a pinch I suppose two people could cuddle up inside. One thing that I wouldn't mind sacrificing a bit of weight on would be to see a slightly larger vestibule. We did encounter quite a bit of rain and it was tight trying to put all my backpacking gear up under the vestibule to keep it dry. The good news is, if it was under the rain-fly it stayed completely dry. Overall this is an awesome tent! September 19, 2013
This tent is amazing! It has everything yow would ever want. - It's incredibly light - takes up little room in your pack - and is quick to setup We use 2 mummy style sleeping pads and have plenty of sleeping space. My only recommendation would be to have 2 separate stuff sacks; one for the tent and one for the rain fly. The current sack is a little too long and somewhat awkward in my pack. August 10, 2013
Exactly what I wanted The MHW Supermega UL2 was the product of months of research for my perfect 'Solo' tent. I am an International Mountain Leader and as such work in the mountains all over the world. I needed something that I could pitch easily in all weather and ground conditions and that wouldn't be a hindrance to my overall pack weight. The freestanding nature means that I can pitch this anywhere without the necessity of good ground conditions to achieve a good pitch. The materials despite being sceptical at first are reasonably robust and despite experiencing some poor, wet and windy #and good ones# weather conditions I have had no problems with the fly or groundsheet #I do use a footprint#. I bought this as I mentioned for a solo tent and that I could use for two if necessary and can say that despite being 6'2" I have no problems with length or height #I can sit up# even when shared. The weights and dimensions are accurate on the MHW website and the colour blends amazingly into the fellside. The only slight negative is that the porch access is a little awkward, in that it is a half width door; similarly it doesn't have any mid-side-panel guys which some others do. All in all an almost perfect three season ultralight freestanding tent for solo or duo use. June 20, 2013
My new favorite backpacking PALACE Great tent. A bit tight for 2 adults, but a lightweight palace for 1. Sets up in seconds..not minutes. I also love the color..blends in with nature its not an obnoxious color. Easily my favorite tent for backpacking solo. June 4, 2013
A very nice tent I went on a 5 day trip down the Sespe River behind Fillmore, California. The weather was sunny and dry so I did not have to use the fly, in fact, I did not even take it. I can only review the "good weather" qualities of it. In a nutshell, it is perfect. It is easy to set up and take down. The netting is perfect for a warmer, starry night. It did dew on me two nights and the exterior of my bag got pretty damp, but not wet. If it were to dew harder, it could have been a bummer, but that is the risk of using a netting without a fly. The tent compresses to a small package and weighs all but nothing. Because of its light weight and bug protective qualities, I would take this tent on any trip. The only craftsmanship quality control issue, and it is a small one, is that one corner has a wrinkle when set up. This is a cosmetic issue only, it does not affect the use of the tent at all. I would recommend this tent to anybody. May 29, 2013
One of the Best Tents I've Ever Had I backpack alot and also use a tent for Search & Rescue. I really need to go as light as possible, but still have room for gear and not feel cramped while spending time in inclement weather tentbound. I do most of my camping in the Rockies at high elevations and fairly cold weather. I am amazed at how well the tent is designed and the ease of setting it up. I just got back from a trip in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness area where we ended up in what was essentially winter camping conditions. Lots of snow, very cold weather and lots of wind. The tent performed beautifully. Very stable and surprisingly warm given how much netting there is. No condensation whatsoever. You have a real winner here! April 24, 2013
AT Thru-Hiker Approved This is an awesome tent all around. I hiked with this tent on my AT Thru-hike this past year and it was an amazing home for the past 5 months. It is very comparable to the Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum edition with a few factors that I believe make it better. The main thing is that the pole splits in the back allowing it to be completely free standing without having to use steaks to set it up. This is a great feature if you like to "shelter tent". It is lighter than the Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 as well. I had a lot of friends that I was hiking with that were all jealous of my tent. It is in my opinion better than a tarp tent or tent requiring trekking poles in the fact that it is double walled and good for fast paced hikers that do not use trekking poles. It weighs a few ounces more than a tarp tent but it is minuscule to the fact that it is free standing and not requiring steaks to set up, also it can really take a beating when you set it up on a mountain bald in the middle of a big storm. This is a great tent and I highly recommend it. January 10, 2013
Less is more! I had been looking for a lightweight, solo tent for over a year when I came across this tent. 2.5 lbs for a two person tent seemed to be too good to be true but I purchased it from REI (no longer carried on their website) and was not disappointed. I weighed it at work on our postal scale and the advertised weight was true. I have now had this out on three trips to the Sierras of 3, 8 and 10 days and the tent has met and exceeded all of my expectations. I use it as a solo tent as it was lighter then any other solo tent but the SMU allows me to keep my pack in my tent which is my preference. I have had the tent in substantial wind storms and rain without any issues and found that if you point the narrow end into the wind then you will have a very comfortable shelter. My only wind issue was on my first trip when I removed all of the tent stakes and then watched in horror as the tent blew across our campsite! Losing almost three pounds of weight without giving up comfort is a wonderful thing and I highly recommend this tent. December 28, 2012
Very few cons for a major weight saving Most tents sacrifice comfort or simplicity to save weight. This tent really doesn't. It is free standing, which is extremely rare in tents of this weight range. I have slept two people in it, and it works but is not ideal. Our feet touch because the foot end is so narrow. For me, this tent is for just me or me and my dog. It is the perfect size for a person and a dog. As a solo tent, it weighs less than most other freestanding one person tents, but has plenty of room for your gear inside the tent. I'm not a gear loft fan. You spend enough nights out there and you eventually get sick of flicking slugs off your gear in the morning. With the taper of the foot end, it is also very easy to find a place to set up, because it isn't quite a big as typical two person tents. So for two people it will work. Not as comfortable, but still doable. Person and dog it is excellent. Room for everyone. As a single person tent it is probably the best tent on the market at the moment. September 13, 2012
Best ultralight tent EVER. The new Mountain Hardwear Supermega UL2 is THE BEST ultralight backpacking/kayaking tent ever. VERY easy to set up, surprisingly roomy - and TRULY free-standing, unlike a tent offering from a competitor of very similar design and structure. And, of course, SO light!! Yes, the vestibule is small and it takes a tiny bit of yoga to get in and out, but this is a small price to pay for a great tent that weighs so very littlle. The fact that the front of the tent is concave is awesome - with the fly up and only light wind/rain happening, you actually don't need to keep the fly door closed to stay dry inside the tent - and you can see out and have lots of ventilation. Genius!! User tip to save weight: only four stakes are NEEDED for the fly, unless you're going to be in serious, serious wind. Had it out the last couple days and couldn't have been happier in it! I honestly have no feedback for improvement.. August 29, 2012
Great Light tent! Tested this tent out on a 4 day backpack trip in the Sierras. Granted the weather was perfect so didn't get to see how well it stood up to wind or rain, but the tent is well engineered and wonderfully light. Easy to set up. The only thing I would have appreciated that it does not have is more loops inside so you could hang a string. Big enough for 2 people if you don't mind the bottom of your sleeping pads will overlap a bit. Was comfortable for us but don't count on any gear in the tent! August 16, 2012
Pleased So far, I've been quite pleased with this tent. I've mostly used this tent for solo trips, but two can certainly fit. However, it must be noted that entering and exiting the tent with two can be quite cumbersome and it is rather unlikely that anyone could make a late night trip to the bathroom without waking his or her tent partner. That being said, this is a rather minor problem considering the weight savings. My only real complaint has to do with the footprint accessory, and this comes both as a consumer and as one who also works in an outfitter. Considering the low denier of the floor, it would have been considerate of the company to include a footprint if only for longevity's sake and good will. Regardless of this point, it should be noted that the footprint was out of stock and unavailable for quite a while. (At the time of this writing, it is now back in stock.) August 7, 2012
Excellent Design, more for solo It is SUPER light. Also, the all-mesh design adds great ventilation and the side walls are juuuusssst high enough to keep wing driven rain out with the fly. I like how the back of the pole spreads out for a true free-standing tent as well as the front tip that sticks out so you can open the tent without letting in rain. However, the 35" back width is a little tight for 2. If you figure you're using a thermarest which regularly measures around 20". Super roomy for 1 though. (almost too much) August 1, 2012
Too light to believe! This is my new "go-to" backpacking tent. I had it out for a couple of fair weather trips, so couldn't really review as a foul-weather shelter. Recently, however, I was stuck for a full day at 12,000 feet in a brutal thunderstorm. Hard rain, lightning, and 30 mph winds for several hours. The tent, despite it ultralight weight, performed perfectly. I won't hesitate to take this one out when the weather looks to get rough. It's light, well-ventilated, and surprisingly durable. I don't have a single complaint (and I'm fairly picky about my gear). July 4, 2012
Excellent Solo Tent I've only spent 3 nights in the tent, but completely pleased so far. Fast pitching, definitely one of the lightest freestanding tents available, excellent space to weight ratio, very well constructed (the welded seams are a welcomed touch.) The only things I would change are how easily the zipper tends to catch and mine shipped with a few snags in different locations in the netting. Nice, but not necessary... a seamless bathtub floor would be cool and I would sacrifice a little weight savings for a slightly larger vestibule... Otherwise it's perfect. May 7, 2012
Exceptionally Light, Quick to pitch Took this tent out for a test run over the weekend. Encountered some unexpected wind and rain, the tent performed better than expected. Stood strong against the wind and stayed bone dry inside the tent and the vestibule. Pretty tight quarters when two people are using the tent. But for a tent that packs down less than 3 pounds it's worth it. Great ventalation. When paired with the proper sleeping bag you'll have a comfortable nights sleep in three seasons. Lots of mesh inside which allows for drafts under the rain fly, feels great. The vestibule must be properly staked out and provides just enough space for two backpacks. Overall a great design. So light that I'll be able to use it on solo trips most of the time. Looks great in the back country too. April 2, 2012
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