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Minalist™ OutDry® Glove

Minalist™ OutDry® Glove

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Minalist™ OutDry® Glove
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Advanced technology for advanced pros. The Minalist Glove’s hybrid approach combines the high-performance features of our top-end ski glove with the backcountry versatility of a full-length gauntlet. Supple all-goatskin leather construction—reinforced in critical wear areas across the palm—with a fleece liner that’s thicker on the back of your hand where you need it most. Our pre-curved finger design is now even more ergonomically attuned to the shape of your hand. Each finger’s curve—including the thumb—has been individually engineered to conform to the way your hand articulates. When things get really wet, you’ll appreciate integration of our OutDry® waterproof membrane and Q.Shield™ water-repellent technology that saves your gloves from wetting out by stopping water from soaking in. That means your hands stay dry and warm. Inside the Thermal.Q™ Elite insulation delivers the warmest synthetic insulation, ounce for ounce, ever made. When venturing out of bounds, the gauntlet cuff cinches tight with a cyberian cord lock designed for easy, one-hand operation. Re-engineered pull-loops integrate into the cuff for even greater durability and precision when pulling your gloves up snug.


  • Over and under cuff design enhances versatility
  • Padding over back of hand for protection against rocks and fast moving objects
  • Easy to use single pull / quick release gauntlet adjustment blocks out elements
  • All leather palm is rugged and very dexterous
  • Durable water-resistant goatskin palm and fingers
  • Thick fleece liner keeps hands warm all day
  • Soft suede thumb patch for wiping wet noses
  • Pull-on webbing loop at wrist
  • Carabiner loop for hanging gloves off harness keeps gloves dry when not in use

The Basics

Hybrid snowsport glove for anyone who wants the versatility of an all-day, all mountain glove with the old-school styling of a backcountry gauntlet.

  • Gender Unisex
  • Weight 7.8 oz. / 222 g.


  • Body Hydra Span
  • Laminate OutDry® Waterproof Technology
  • Insulation 100% acrilico
  • Palm Material Water-resistant Goatskin Leather
  • OutDry Technology

    Traditional “waterproof” gloves quickly get heavy as water loads between the shell fabric and the waterproof liner. OutDry® is different. OutDry® is a proprietary construction technology that bonds a waterproof-breathable membrane directly to the shell fabric. There’s no gap to load with water so gloves stay, light and dry. And with no extra layer of water, gloves breathe better and stay flexible.

    OutDry technology for packs uniformly laminates a custom shaped waterproof membrane to the inner surface of the pack, sealing fabrics and seams in a single step. Your pack stays light and dry without compromising weight or function.

  • Q.Shield

    Even a waterproof glove gets wet on the outside. OutDry keeps gloves dry inside but can't prevent exterior fabrics from wetting out.

    Q.Shield with ion-mask™ technology fuses extreme water repellency directly into shell fabrics. Q.Shield gloves repel water like a force-field. Dunk a Q.Shield glove in water and it will come out completely dry. The treatment has no effect on feel or breathability and will perform for the life of the glove.

  • Thermal.Q Elite

    Thermal.Q Elite is warmer because it’s designed to mimic the structure of goose down – rigid stems that form a matrix of gaps and softer fibers to fill those gaps. Thermal.Q Elite uses stiffer fibers to create a unique 3D grid structure and finer fibers to fill in the gaps the structure creates. The result is a warmer synthetic whose structure gives it better compression rebound.