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Men's Elkommando™ Kilt




Guys with 5,000 hiking miles under their belts will tell you: the kilt is the new short. Built for comfort under a pack, with a soft, seamless chamois lined waist, full back pleats for mobility and an easy fit waist with integrated belt.
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Features & Specs

  • Weight: - 14.7 oz. / 417 g. -
  • Good For: - Backpacking / Hiking -


Guys with 5,000 hiking miles under their belts will tell you: the kilt is the new short. Built for comfort under a pack, with a soft, seamless chamois lined waist, full back pleats for mobility and an easy fit waist with integrated belt.



  • Body Fabric: Hardwear™ Canvas
  • Body Fabric Content: 100% nylon


Outseam: 21.5 " / 55 cm
  • Apparel Fit: Standard
  • Weight: 14.7 oz. / 417 g.


  • Micro-Chamois™-lined seamless conical waist for comfort under a pack
  • Integrated webbing belt with buckle closure for easy fit adjustments
  • Lots of pockets for storage
  • Fully pleated across back panel for mobility
  • Internal snap closure for modesty
  • DWR finish sheds moisture
  • UPF 50 sun protection


Men's Elkommando™ Kilt 4.9 5 43 43
Just get it! This is the most comfortable garment I have ever worn hiking! It fits well, the pockets are big enough to fit a my quart water bottle in, its super light and airy. Guys if your thinking of getting this kilt, quit thinking and just get it! May 29, 2014
Nice lightweighty hiking kilt The fabric is great, lightweight and very comfortable. I love wearing this kilt on hot days not just when backpacking. I find the modesty snap crucial. My only complaint about this kilt is that if you squat down you will expose yourself, at least without the modesty snap set. More fabric, like in a traditional kilt, would help reduce this problem. I should also mention that the fabric dries quickly, just rinse in the creek and hang to dry! All in all I love the kilt. December 17, 2013
Great Hiking Kilt Not much to say about this kilt. It is well made, durable, stylish and great....most of the time. Despite it being a "Kilt" and "airy" it is very warm. I had trouble wearing it in the summer. The first trip I took it on was a ten day backpacking trip in the spring in Canada, the temperature didn't get above 60 F and it was about the warmest I would/could wear it. In the warmer months I couldn't wear it. The material was just too thick for a cool hike. I love the kilt, I just wish they made one out of a lighter quick dry material. This material is thick and durable, not airy and light, which is a good thing for most guys, since we aren't used to hiking in kilts we aren't quite as aware of the dynamics that wind have on them, so the weight helps hold the kilt down during windier sessions. I would recommend it but if you are a warm person be prepared. November 2, 2013
Great kilt! I've been wanting to purchase a rugged and functional kilt for some time. Traditional kilts are usually hand made still and come with a high price tag. The typical "utili-kilt" is too heavy and cumbersome. This kilt has exactly what I want, durability, light weight and without the price tag of a traditional wool kilt. The fit is a little small. It would be a good idea to buy a size bigger. I'd like to see different colors as well. August 22, 2013
Not a skirt One of many things I have purchased from Mountain Hardwear and as usual the fit and finish is excellent. I was impressed that it is both light and durable. The pockets are of adequate size to carry necessities and close securely. Looks good the only draw back that I have found so far is that it appears to attract every stray pet hair in the house but whatever. Perfect for after run wear when you want to get your of your wet shorts. July 9, 2013
A true sport kilt I wear 3 different kilts, and this is by far the most comfortable, and the easiest to care for of the bunch: It's much lighter than my utility kilt, and cooler than the wool tartan, (neither of which can go in the dryer). I just wish it came in different colors. Khaki or black, for example. I rated the function as "good" only because I find the two side pockets just a bit inadequate, and would like to see a pair of hip pockets added. Maybe a zippered security pocket? July 4, 2013
Excellent & Comfortable It took a while for some nasty weather to subside, but once it did I was able to really get out and enjoy this kilt! I'm completely sold. It's comfy, breezy and best of all - you cool down really fast. Just remember bug spray for those legs! June 19, 2013
Another Satisfied I hiked to the top of Mt. Zion this weekend to give the new kilt a whirl (not literally) and absolutely love it. The freedom of movement you get with a kilt is very noticeable on the steep uphill parts of the trail. I will never go back to a bifurcated garment again. As others have mentioned, MORE COLORS PLEASE! June 4, 2013
love it I own 10 of these kilts. 10? Yes, because the first 5 are now too large due all the weight I have lost while walking in them. I am looking forward to buying another 5 when my weight goes down another size. They are worn around the house and on trail. They launder well and are dry almost straight out of the washing machine. May 26, 2013
You won't be disappointed Absolutely LOVE this kilt!! Wish I'd bought this BEFORE I paid $200 for my utilikilt. It fits so much better and wears nicely on my waist where jeans ride, instead of higher up like a girdle...like the utilikilt. The fabric is so much thinner and lighter than a utilikilt...although some might not like that. The thin fabric makes hiking in hot climates nice and breezy, but i found myself being careful around branches and stuff after i squatted and the stitching in one of the pleats in the back came apart. It didn't rip through the fabric, just lost a pleat. I'm a short stocky guy...5'5" with a size 32" waist and the MEDIUM fits me perfectly. The waist would probably actually fit up to about 34" comfortably and it hangs just to the bottom of my kneecap when standing. If I could improve anything it would be to add pleats to the front to improve the authenticity of the look, and offer more color choices...brown, black, tan and camo. I will definitely be getting another of these...hopefully more color options come out and the price stays where it's at! The pleat that came apart on the first trip out and the limited color options are the reasons for the 4 stars. Double or triple stitch the pleats…(anything other than make the fabric thicker)....and offer more colors and it'll be a perfect 5-star product. May 8, 2013
Awesome All this kilt needs is MORE COLORS and then I'd order more so I would have flexibility to wear the kilt more often, especially while working. Very impressed for my first kilt and am trying to find others of similiar quality and price but its hard. May 8, 2013
best garment i have I bought this kilt for hiking and for work, ive had it two days now and i love this thing its great. I do have some wishes for mountian hardwear, i love your product and i know that you make your pants in many colors, i need these kilts in at least three more colors, and my second wish is maybe another version with more pockets and a bigger exposed belt loop i think this version could compete very well with other kilts on the market like the 5.11 kilts and others,this version competes well but some guys like me that carry epic amounts of junk with them all the time would like more pockets. overall i love this thing if you are on the fence buy one. if mountain harwear made at least three more colors this is all i would wear to work, and i would prob buy one or two of each color. please make more. April 23, 2013
not sure I'll hike in anything else So, I was hesitate but decided to pull the trigger on MHW's cool hiking kilt. Just returned from 3 hard days on the trail and verdict is, as my title suggests, that I'm not sure I'll hike/backpack in anything else. I love it!! This kilt is mega comfy, airy (no chaffing to say the least!), and has a unique style (obviously!!). Over 34 miles, I ran into 5 different hiking groups and I received compliments on the kilt from every single group. As other reviewers have mentioned, the cargo pockets absolutely ROCK. They are much larger than what you find on hiking shorts/convertible/pants and their location is far more useful in my opinion. And MHW's proprietary comfort/belted waistband is where it is at...even with about 26-28lbs. of backpack on my hips, the kilt was very comfy. Actually the biggest compliment I can give it was that I found myself not thinking about my comfort; I was just plain comfortable the entire time. I also wore the kilt once out and about in town a couple days before my hike and again, lots of compliments and smiles. It looks GREAT with boots or say, Chacos. The one suggestion I would give the folks at Hardwear: PLEASE PLEASE make more colors. I would love to own more than one of these. Sizing: I'm 6'2", athletic 210lbs., and a size 36-37" waist, and the size LARGE is spot on. Great job MHW, now just give us some options for color PLEASE!! April 11, 2013
Comandokilt Great freedom of movement, plenty of pocket room . with the extra snap gives a true gentlemans tuck. March 28, 2013
Just what I wanted! This is my first (and likely only) kilt! Very reasonably priced A good fit The snap between the legs allows for some modesty. All in all, a wonderful purchase! March 12, 2013
Better than shorts, why didn't I do this sooner? The reviews are all good but I wasn't prepared for how much I would love wearing this kilt. My first hike was 10 miles in 40-ish degree weather and it was amazing. A pair of over-the-calf hiking socks and I was plenty warm especially after some climbing. It feels great and the material is really substantial feeling without being heavy. Just so comfortable and SO functional, now I'm wearing it to mow the yard (my wife thinks I am trying to freak out the neighbors) and hanging around the house. Can't wait for the real cooling benefits as I start hiking St Helen's and Mt Hood this summer. March 12, 2013
So far so good Bought this for my boyfriend and he's worn it multiple times around the house. He has yet to wear it on a hike, but by the look on his face every time he has it on, I'm sure he's going to love it. March 11, 2013
elkommando kilt great fit. great lightweight fabric. do not care for the thread colors used in the logo embroidery(i would prefer the thread be the same color as the fabric; or no logo at all). would take one in khaki, for sure. and gray. March 4, 2013
Comfy and practical I've been wearing my kilt around the house and town since I got it a few weeks ago. It has fit great and is super-comfortable. The privacy snap isn't really good for much - I've snapped it and it usually comes unsnapped pretty quickly. The pockets are nice and huge and designed really well. Range of motion in the kilt is amazing. I'm wearing the XL and my waist size is around 37. The XL fits perfect with a bit of room to grow into. I'll be taking it hiking in two weeks and can't wait! February 27, 2013
I Own Four of These I bought my first Elkommando a couple years ago when I was living and hiking in Colorado. My first hike up a mountain in pants had my legs chafed by the end of the trip. I did a web search for hiking pants to see if I could find something more comfortable for this type of activity and I came across the Elkommando kilt. I read the reviews before making my purchase and decided to take the plunge into kilt ownership. I spent the next couple years wearing the kilt on every hiking trip and loving every minute of it. There is a freedom of movement wearing a kilt that you just do not get from wearing a pair of pants or shorts, especially when twisting, stretching and climbing over mountainous terrain. I will admit that I have gotten some "looks" while wearing the kilt, but I have also had a lot of very positive comments from women and men alike. I even had a guy recognize it as a Mountain Hardware kilt while I was in a computer store (yes, I have made the leap and now wear my kilts around town instead of shorts during the warmer weather). I have found this kilt to be very well made and I have not had a single failure on any of the 4 that I own. If I had one complaint, it would be that it is only available in even sizes and I am an odd size. This means either purchasing a kilt that is too large and tightening the belt, which causes the waistband to bunch and is uncomfortable under a pack's strap...or buying one that is too small. I would like to see a couple extra snaps added so the kilt can be adjusted to the "in-between" sizes without having to bunch the waistband. I would also like to see a few more color options and maybe a few style options as well. These last two are not complaints, just wish list items. January 20, 2013
Brave Males only This is the greatest garment out there for hikers who want better movement and breathability on the trail. It's not culturally common or usual to see a kilt on a man in the United States, which is a shame. I love wearing it as much as possible. I wouldnt hesitate to get another or talk enthusiastically about how comfortable it is. October 26, 2012
liberty The comfort and quality are wonderful, and the features are well placed. Every man should buy at least one kilt, wear at home, hiking, whatever, very liberating. October 23, 2012
True Comfort So this is my first kilt..... I am a new man! I went walking my dog in it, I got alot of looks.... but the comfort is well worth any look any one could give me. The material is awesome. It's only flaw as far as I can see is the modesty snap is pointless unless you are trying to keep Marilyn Monroe moment from happening. I thought it was to keep your special area out of view when sitting. I mean I guess it can work if you are trying to October 16, 2012
Donald Where's Your Troosers? As a newcomer to kilts, I can't believe how comfortable and functional it is. Besides wearing it about the house, I wore it during a 6 mile mud/obstacle race aptly named Highlander III. Never snagged on any of the obstacles, shed mud, and was quite natural to run in. The modesty snap allowed me to go "kommando" after the race without concern. It cleaned up good as new too. You can't find a kilt of this fit and function for the price. I too hope they expand the color options as I would certainly buy another. September 30, 2012
you don't have to be Scotish very comfortable, great ventilation! September 18, 2012
No wonder it's sold out! The workmanship is great; snaps with the Mt Hardware Logo were a nice touch. The Elkommando Kilt offers the best hiking comfort of any pants, shorts, or warm ups I've ever had. In fact the warmth afforded by this garment is surprising and will offer three season use, I'm sure! September 17, 2012
Pachamama approved!! I wore my Elcommando for all five days of the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu. The temperature ranged from 90F to below freezing. The elevation ranged from 6000 ft to over 15,000 ft. The kilt was perfect for the entire trek!!!! MORE COLORS / STYLES PLEASE!! August 31, 2012
New favorite for hiking First hike in this kilt was at 12,000 ft on Independance Pass on a rainy summer day. It was supremely comfortable and kept me warm and dry. Getting into town that evening, I wore the kilt out to dinner and drinks afterword. It is as fashionable as it is functional. Love the pockets and the feel of the fabric. I do hope it becomes available in more colors/patterns. Highly reccommended! August 27, 2012
Son took it Loved the idea, ordered one but size Lg is an inch to small but unable to return because my son laid claim to it. Waiting for a size XL to come out so my other son and I can get one. August 24, 2012
Fun and Functional!! This is an excellent way to have FUN and Function! Sexy and comfortable!! August 7, 2012
Mountain Hardwear Got It Right! Mountain Hardwear brings a new dimension to Men's unbifurcated garments. I previously tried "The Mountain Kilt", and ended up giving it to my girlfriend as it looked far more like a skirt than a proper kilt. Not so with the Elkommando! The apron up front looks good, the pleats are just right, and the cargo pockets are actually functional. After sitting in the car for a half hour to get to the hiking trail, the Elkommando was still wrinkle free for the most part. It has enough weight to it that you do not need to worry about wearing a kilt pin, or attaching curtain weights to keep everything in place in a breeze or short gust. After my last hike, I visited a local winery on my way home, then to a sunset concert later that day, and the kilt was a big hit in both venues. I am an avid kilt wearer, wearing them any time I can find the slightest excuse. I have a dozen kilts from four different manufacturers and by far this is the best utilitarian, casual kilt of the bunch. August 5, 2012
Excellent first kilt for guys Saw a guy wearing one and decided to give a kilt a try. It's just great, and I plan to wear it a lot to show others how cool it is! "Men in skirts" is a trend just getting started, and if you are thinking about it, try one of these and join the movement. It's fairly masculine compared to most skirts, and you can explain that it's for guys, and the Mountain Hardware logo will give you instant respectability. But you really don't have to apologize or explain anything other than to say that it's a heck of a lot more comfortable than pants! Nice for strolling through the mall or hiking, maybe not so good for working on machinery or climbing trees. You'll also see how a kilt is really comfortable when sitting down for a while. My only complaints are that it should be available in a range of colors, and should have at least one more pocket, maybe a small zippered one for valuables. July 30, 2012
cool gonads! this product offers stylish, head-turning and functional features that will keep you ahead of the pack. July 27, 2012
King of Komfort I've never known a more comfortable garment for summer hiking and birding than this kilt. Perfect fit, perfect function and the pockets hold my Droid Razr Maxx in its Otterbox Defender and a can of bear spray with ease. The only thing I'd change is that the buttons on the inner waistband up front aren't covered with micro chamois so under a heavy load they can become uncomfortable. July 23, 2012
b-day Like it! Wear it whenever I can July 16, 2012
Excellent kilt I bought the Elkommando Kilt as my introduction to kilts. I didn't want to pay what other utility kilts cost if I didn't know if I liked kilts. Well, turns out I do. It's very comfortable. This kilt's material is also very nice, and looks tough too. I would have only two complaints, really: Only two pockets, and rather small at that, seems limited. Granted, you can load them like you wouldn't on pants and barely feel them standing, but when seated, it's annoying. Other is the belt is small, and unless you have another narrow belt, you won't be able to replace it if you want. Broader belts won't fit. Overall, though, it's a great first kilt. Obviously, I don't know how it compares with other kilts... July 16, 2012
something different fits true to size lots of snap buttons for tight fitting or relaxed fitting and it has a snap between the legs closer to the knees to have them function like shorts. Overall great product and very durable! Shipped very fast too (4 bussiness days)! July 6, 2012
awesome. i see why women wear skirts Great. But would like to have more variety in colors and possibly a breathable fabric? June 24, 2012
Great Kilt! I bought the kilt on a whim, as a joke more than anything else. Once I put it on (a little confusing with the buttons), I found I really love wearing it around the house on weekends and after a work out. It's much more comfprtable in the summer than shorts. My wife makes fun of me, but you know what? It's so comfortable, I don't even care! June 1, 2012
Elkommando works! I am a long time kilt wearer including owning several of Mountain Hard Wear's earlier Backpacker's Kilt. This is a huge improvement! The fabric is soft and supple, it flows and moves very effectively when walking, sitting, bending, lifting. I have yet to backpack with but hiking over the long Memorial Day weekend was awesome. Not only do I recommend this product but I intend to buy another. May 29, 2012
Awesome Kilt We used three of these kilts to do a Tough Mudder. All three of us absolutely loved them! They are light weight, comfortable and very cool. People kept asking about them during the whole race. They wash up really well and the lightweight quick dry material is exactly what we wanted. I am 6'2" 220lbs lbs and I wear a size 36 waist on most jeans, more because of my large thighs and rear my waist is a 34, but the large kilt fit me perfectly. The belt allows you to pull the waist nice and snug. Even with us crawling through the mud and obstacles we did not lose our skirts! All 3 of us used the kilts the rest of our camping weekend and we all plan to use them often! Thank you MH! May 23, 2012
Kilt for hiking+ Great style and workmanship! Great for hiking ! May 16, 2012
Thank you Mountain Hardware! Gentlemen, you owe it to yourself to give the El Commando Hiking Kilt a try. Chances are good that you will be reluctant to go back to wearing pants or shorts simply due to the freedom and comfort this alternative will provide. I’ve owned this style of kilt for nearly two years now and I love it. I recently decided to take it off the trail and into the friendly skies on a business trip across country, firstly for the comfort and secondly I was curious about what kind of reactions I would receive wearing it in public. I was amazed when a woman recognized the Mountain Hardware logo and shouted above the noise of the shuttle bus , “ I didn’t know Mountain Hardware made those for guys, I own several myself. I love to see men in those!” Overall, I found people in general are simply, “fascinated”. The kilt is rugged yet light weight. It dries extremely fast and has a soft lining in the waist which sits down on your hips like jeans, not up around your waist like a traditional kilt. Very comfortable. The large pockets on each side can hold a lot of things you need to access quickly. No chafing, no binding and the air circulation is actually refreshing. You might say it adds an additional element to outdoor activities. They even thought of others when they designed the kilt, they added a modesty snap which works quite effectively at keeping your secrets. I understand the apprehension that many men have about what others may think if they are seen in a kilt but trust me, it is only temporary. You’ll find that even though some men may make a crack or two about it, most of them wish they had the guts to give it a try. These same guys will generally find acceptance within the first 5 minutes. lol Try one of these. Sure, it is not for everybody but if it is for YOU, you will know it almost immediately and you will soon be hoping that other men will buy one so the industry will continue to produce products like these so they will become more common, both on the trail and in the mainstream fashion for “real men”. Thank you Mountain Hardware for continuing to make this awesome product available to those who live on the edge in every aspect of their lives. Now, some variety in color would be SWEET! April 29, 2012
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