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Men's Canyon™ Long Sleeve Shirt




A Mountain Hardwear classic. The ultimate in wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying shirt for hiking, trekking and life outside.
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Features & Specs

  • Weight: - 8.5 oz. / 242 g. -
  • Good For: - Backpacking / Hiking -


A Mountain Hardwear classic. The ultimate in wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying shirt for hiking, trekking and life outside.



  • Body Fabric: Desert™ Cloth
  • Body Fabric Content: 70% nylon, 30% polyester
  • Fabric Panel: Wicked Taper™ Mesh
  • Fabric Panel Content: 100% polyester


Center Back Length: 30" / 76 cm
  • Apparel Fit: Relaxed
  • Weight: 8.5 oz. / 242 g.


  • Seams rotated away from pressure points for comfort under a pack
  • Flip-up sun protection collar
  • Mesh back and side panels for ventilation
  • Zip map pocket
  • Sleeve roll-up tab for quick fit adjustments
  • Sunglasses loop for quick stowing option
  • Wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying and durable fabric
  • UPF 30 sun protection


Men's Canyon™ Long Sleeve Shirt 3.9 5 26 26
Cayon Shirt Long Sleeve I have been wearing the various versions of the canyon shirt since the inception of the product. I have a fond attachment for sizing for that is what i do professionally. This product meets listed specifications and has a great fit. The length of the garment is right on and the side panels for breathability have always been the signature of this shirt. It is great to see a well constructed garment that is complimented by techinical features such as the roll up collar and snap sleeve tabs for rolling up sleeves. The zipper breast pocket is large enough for a map and compass. Other than the request of the adjacent breast pocket to include a zipper or velcro closing this product is a solid choice for the day hiker and backpacker. December 26, 2013
Used to be my favorite shirt, quality has greatly declined I was very saddened to receive my latest shipment of Canyon shirts and find that after two washings the material is frayed, seams are coming undone, threads are coming out and there is diffuse piling of fabric. I thought perhaps it was just a bad batch or possibly even a knock off, though purchased from a reputable dealer, but others have noticed the same thing. I do hope that the original design could be restored, and I would be then delighted to purchase a new batch, and rate this product with full enthusiasm, but until then, I can not recommend at all. September 5, 2013
Four weeks in EL INFIERNO and Back I am a forestry surveyor and find myself outdoors in all climates, from below zero to 100 degrees plus. The Mexican Government recently invited my company to come down and map and survey several areas in the desert because new water reserves were found in the desert and the Mexican Government wants to experiment with a variety of trees to create several Oasis is the best way to describe it. I outfitted my self for a four week trip to cover Desert heat, Alpine temps in the Sierra Madres and Jungle/sub-tropic clime of the lower Copper Canyon area of Chihuahua With 5 Canyon Shirts for myself and two to gift to my Mexican Counterpart (who I had worked with before on several occasions) . For two weeks we worked in 105-112 degree desert heat and I have to say the L/S CANYON shirt was awesome it performed perfectly, It was very comfortable while wearing a backpack the nice loose fit was a blessing, in the desert long sleeves are a must remarkably any little breeze would help cool me and keep me dry, I didn't experience any binding or uncomfortable seams while traveling or wearing a back pack. At night I would shower and clean my shirt while taking a shower and after having cleaned them in the morning I had a fresh shirt ready. I would hang them to dry and have a fresh shirt ready in the morning. After several days in the desert a few of the Mexican engineer’s and scientist commented on my shirts and how they well they performed they decided to order some on-line. They were all wearing cotton polo’s issued by the government and complained about how un-comfortable they were in all this heat. We then moved to Copper canyon, Chihuahua’s alpine sierra the temp were cooler and still the shirts performed great, every other day we mapped areas in the lower valley and the temps there were hot in the 90s and 100% humidity, this is were the shirts truly were tested they remained damp the whole time because of the high humidity, Then the Raramuri Indian guide showed me a trick to stay dry and how to dry clothes in such a high humidity climate. I washed my shirts in the river every day and the Raramuri use the hot shale slabs that line the rivers to dry their clothes. I would lay out my shirts and like magic in 5 minuets they were bone dry. After two weeks of washing in a river using a wash board and rocks to dry them they still look and fit great. The nice loose fit allowed me to wear a wicking long sleeve layer in the cooler alpine temps. Every nigh we would eat at different restaurants and these shirts transitioned well with a pair of Khakis and dress shoes the shirts looked semi-formal. Over all I was very happy having the shirts, the fit was right on the material performed flawlessly and the 5 color selection I picked was perfect and versatile enough for wear with Khakis and Dress pants. The pockets were great I could fit my travel papers and passport in one and the sunglass loop came in very handy since I have to trade sunglasses for reading glasses all day long the loop was indispensable. After four weeks in THE INFIERNO (inferno) as the locals call it I could not have happier with my purchase. August 24, 2013
Great Shirt Ruined from Redesign (improper sizing) I was a long-time fan of the L/S Canyon Shirt. I'm 6 feet, about 160 pounds and fit. I wear Medium size shirts. I first bought this shirt many years ago (6, 7 years ago?). I liked it so much I bought several different colors. It has been my go-to shirt for many years--I literally wear it everyday in warm climates. The ones I have are wearing down from years of hard use and I was hoping to replace them. Unfortunately I will not be replacing them with the 2013 version of the L/S Canyon Shirt. Simply put: it no longer has the features that first inspired me to buy it over the competition: 1) a slimmer fit and 2) a zippered chest pocket AND larger velcro chest pocket. Both of these features that led me to initially purchase the shirt over the competition are now gone. Size wise, the shirt is simply too baggy to perform well. Due to the way the shirt is now sized, it performs very poorly. The "Small" size is tight/constricting, especially when bending my elbow. The Medium size is baggy and voluminous (items stored in the pocket bang against your chest when you move (whereas they didn't with the tighter sizing from years back). The material is loose and sits far from my body creating a much bigger profile and less efficient coverage of my body (whereas the older sizing was slim fitting but offered plenty of airflow with no constriction or tightness.) It also looks bad. I look like I'm wearing a shirt that is too big. For example, the top most button leaves inches of space around my neck when buttoned (whereas the old sizing left a little space but not a gaping hole). This makes a difference when you are trying to control sun exposure and have pack straps sitting over the material. I also miss the zippered pocket over the right chest. I really enjoyed have a zippered right chest pocket AND a velcro patched left chest pocket. It allowed me to securely store money and Gov. ID cards (in the zippered pocket) and store more bulky items (like sunglasses, GPS, cell phone, mp3 player etc) in the velcro pocket. I can no longer recommend this shirt. They don't make a size that fits me anymore nor with the pocket setup that has worked so well for me over all these years. My bothering to take time to write this review is testament to how much I loved this shirt and how saddened I am to not be able to replace my worn out ones. July 4, 2013
My best shirts I bought one of these shirts and it felt so perfect that I went out and bought two more. I wish they had more earth tone color selection like olive drab or peat moss. As an environmental educator, I spend all my days outdoors. I get a lot of compliments about these shirts; they have become my favorite ones. June 2, 2013
never without one This is the best sun-protection hiking shirt I've found, and I've searched extensively. I'm never without one on the trail. And I'm usually wearing it. Not only does it protect from sun, but it blocks wind, prevents bug bites, and -- worn over a thin layer -- it retains significant warmth considering how light and packable it is. One suggestion for MH: Please make some fine (not horsey) plaids. A little variety beyond the solid colors would be very welcome. April 22, 2013
Change is sometimes bad or I am getting old.... I have been a fan and user of the Canyon Shirt (own about five of them) for years, so I was surprised to find out after I received my package from you that there had been some changes made to my beloved shirt. The new shirt seems to be of a lesser quality and feels a little too metro for my tastes. It's really a shame.... Guess I will have to enjoy the old Canyon Shirts I have until they fall apart.... What were you guys thinking? March 12, 2013
Nice Nice shirt. Fit is average. Should be good for summer, nice and light. January 15, 2013
Technical! This shirt must have been designed by space engineers...it has all the right cuts, vents, and closures where you want them. You can't tell from online how versatile this shirt is - roll up sleeves and button them for hot weather...leave 'em down for date night. It's all good. December 10, 2012
My favorite bottondown shirt! I love my Mountain Hardwear Canyon button down shirts! They look great around town or when used ascending a peak. The material is durable but yet light enough for excellent breathability. The sizing is also perfect. I have multiple MH Canyon shirts and will most likely get several others. Top product! November 24, 2012
Not the Original Canyon Design and Material I have purchased and used six of the original Canyon shirts over the last six years. This product is a new or revised version of the original. It runs larger in size than the original, and the material used is lighter weight and less durable in my opinion. An additional alteration of the original design is how the shirt pockets are secured: the original front vertical pocket was secured with velcro (hook pile tape) on this version it is a zipper; the original horizontal pocket was secured by a zipper, this version is open and has no mechanism by which it can be secured. The side / underarm ventilation material has been changed also. The new material being used is not as effective for ventilation. The button system for securing the sleeves when rolled up has been changed. This is not a function that I have ever used so I do not have an opinion on it effectiveness or function, but believe it is important that it is annotated. I personally prefer the original design of the Canyon shirt. November 16, 2012
Too disco I ordered the Navy blue. The pics on the web don't reflect how shiny the fabric is. It was a little too disco satin-y for me. I was hoping for a little flatter color. If you don't mind that, I'm sure it would work well. The fabric is very light. November 11, 2012
Sadly it isn't what it was I own probably 15 of these shirts SS and LS...just bought 3 of the 2012 version and am very sad as the quality is gone....the R pocket sags absent the zipper it used to have, the material is worse, less venting and the fit seems off too...will return all 3 and look for some older ones or move on...so sad as they were the very best before the redesign. November 9, 2012
Good-looking, utilitarian shirt... The latest iteration of the Canyon shirt continues to be a good-looking utilitarian shirt -- well worth the money. The cut is generous, and the quality of craftsmanship is reliable. If anything, the open styling of the right breast pocket (as worn) is a bit less desirable than last year's version (which was secured with a zipper), but the shirt is still a go-to product. October 7, 2012
Excellent buy I bough 4 of these for a trip with work. We were supposed to go to a mountain, and I was prepared for some good mountaineering. We ended up going to a second site which was on a small island. The shirts still performed exactly as I needed them to. We had to hike 2.5 miles to and from our dig site, and also had to dig most of the day. When I was digging I never felt like the shirts were making me hot, most likely because of the vents. 2 minutes into digging I was sweating buckets but about 5 minutes after I stopped sweating the shirt was dry. The shirt came slightly larger than I liked, but one size down would have been too short. I fixed the problem by getting them tailored. Outside of that the shirts were perfect the way they were. October 3, 2012
Perfect hot weather shirt This long sleeve shirt is perfect for any and all hot weather environments. I tried my best to rip it walking through thick wooded areas and it held up. After multiple washes it still retains it color and hasn't faded. I plan to buy more of this type of shirt. September 8, 2012
GReat for a long walk Wore this shirt on a Rim to Rim hike at the Grand Canyon. The shirt was light, comfortable and kept the sun off of me. September 7, 2012
Suggest color.... Quality shirt - love pockets and fabric. As a hot weather shirt, suggest offering lighter (light-reflecting color fabric ) like creme or very light tan. September 4, 2012
The only sun shirt I'll ever need This shirt has withstood a lot of extended abuse. A couple weeks of geology fieldwork, multiday backpacking trips and summertime peak bagging. I especially love the left verticle entry velcro chest pocket that is easily accessible while wearing a backpack, super handy. And the shirt doesn't get too smelly after having to wear it days on end without washing. July 8, 2012
Great shirt..Mountain Hardwear lasts forever I am female but I bought the men's small because I will wear it for light weight sun protection, and I don't like the darts on the women's version. If this shirt wears as well as my Mountain Hardwear ski clothing, people will be fighting over it when they settle my estate. May 30, 2012
This product is great has great features The two shirts that I purchased are great, they're light weigh, easy to wash dry's quickly and wrinkle free. I intend on purchasing more as they are of a very good quality and reasonably priced. I recommend this product. May 1, 2012
Too Long This is a great shirt. Unfortunately, it's 1.5" too long. Sadly, I had to return my order. This shirt is not recommended for those with shorter torso. April 17, 2012
MUCH, MUCH IMPROVED!!! This is a definite improvement from the previous versions. I have owned several canyon shirts over the years and this blows them all away. Thank you, MH for the new design. I love that the tapered body is now a relaxed fit because it allows more room for a wicked lite-t beneath when I hike the Cascades in the summer. Plus, the shirt looks better. Rocking job! Make more colors please: Black, lighter blue, darker red, medium and lighter blue, dark peat brown; whatever the heck you can come up with. I'll buy them! April 5, 2012
Not as good as it used to be 5 Stars for the old version. This was the shirt that every other company was trying to copy and doing a poor job of improving on perfection. Now MH has remade their own product into something no better than the rest. New material is less soft and more plasticky, and the cut is fits me totally differently with an ugly collar. I am definetly a slim fit and the new cut is for someone much bigger in circumference. I went in to buy three, and ended up ordering an old one I found online in a color I don't especially like. BRING IT BACK! PLEASE!!! April 3, 2012
This is one of the best shirts I have owned. Traveling, in the mountains, in the city or at work. It's performance is great and looks are sober but clean and fresh. New ventilation system can get you a bit hot in tropical ecosystems. March 6, 2012
Canyon shirt This is a great shirt. I love the versatility! February 22, 2012
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