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BMG™ 105




Designed to meet the needs of professional guides, this lightweight pack handles huge, heavy loads comfortably
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Features & Specs

  • Weight: - 5 lb. / 2.27 kg.
    5 lb. 3 oz. / 2.35 kg.
    5 lb. 6 oz. / 2.44 kg. -
  • Fit: - True to Size -
  • Pack Capacity: - 5800 cu. in. / 95 L
    6400 cu. in. / 105 L
    7000 cu. in. / 115 L -
  • Good For: - Alpine Climbing -


Designed to meet the needs of professional guides, this lightweight pack handles huge, heavy loads comfortably



  • Fabric Accent: HardWear™ X-Ply Ripstop
  • Body Fabric: 420D HD Nylon
  • Body Fabric Content: 100% nylon
  • Fabric Bottom: 840D HT Ballistic Nylon


  • Pack Weight Small: 5 lb. / 2.27 kg.
  • Pack Weight Medium: 5 lb. 3 oz. / 2.35 kg.
  • Pack Weight Large: 5 lb. 6 oz. / 2.44 kg.
  • Pack Capacity Small: 5800 cu. in. / 95 L
  • Pack Capacity Medium: 6400 cu. in. / 105 L
  • Pack Capacity Large: 7000 cu. in. / 115 L
  • Pack Dim Medium: 34 in X 15 in X 16 in / 86 cm X 38 cm X 41 cm
  • Pack Dim Large: 36 in X 16 in X 17 in / 91 cm X 41 cm X 43 cm
  • Pack Torso Small: 15.0 in. - 18.0 in. / 38 cm - 46 cm
  • Pack Torso Medium: 17.0 in. - 20.0 in. / 43 cm - 51 cm
  • Pack Torso Large: 19.5 in. - 22.5 in. / 50 cm - 57 cm
  • Pack Waist Small: 27 in - 31 in / 69 cm - 79 cm
  • Pack Waist Medium: 30 in - 35 in / 76 cm - 89 cm
  • Pack Waist Large: 34 in - 39 in / 86 cm - 99 cm


  • Versatile Alpine suspension provides outstanding stability, comfort and support
  • Low-profile FitLock hipbelt provides custom fit and outstanding support to ensure comfort with heavy loads
  • Removable horizontal stay behind hipbelt provides enhanced load transfer
  • Highly functional Alpine Compression Strap System with glove-friendly buckles secures overloads, effectively shrinks pack to minimal volume, and tucks away inside front panel pocket when not needed
  • Skirt extension adds 625 cu. in. / 10L of carrying capacity when needed
  • FlapTop design allows pack to be used without the top lid with no compromise in compression or weather protection
  • Exclusive BigMouth lower compartment zip design provides both a wide-mouth opening and load compression
  • Roomy front pocket provides quick-access to often needed items
  • Durable Dyneema front panel offers lash points for all kinds of mountaineering gear
  • Removable top pocket has webbing loops on top and rope strap underneath
  • Sleeping pad straps are stowable to reduce clutter when not needed
  • Imported


BMG™ 105 4.3 5 18 18
Awesome Heavy/Family Hauler I am a self-acclaimed family expedition guide. Recently my wife (5 months pregnant) and my 3 year old son went to Havasu Falls, AZ. It is a 20 mile round trip trail in the Grand Canyon. With my wife being pregnant and my son too young to make the journey without any help, I was left to carry everything including him for a 4 day adventure. At the end of the day the pack weighed 100 pounds! I have carried this before but with the ridged main stay and large main compartment it was the most comfortable I have ever been under that amount of weight. Since that I have also logged other hikes both day and longer expeditions and have always turned to this pack. I really like the number of stabilizing straps, there are just enough to tighten down large loads as well as condense the back to be used a day pack. I do wish the lid could turn into a small "peak pack". This would make the peak day more enjoyable versus lugging the whole pack up to the top. Also the outside water containers are hard to get to with the pack on, however the size is nice to cache gloves, hats, glasses and any other misc. items not needed but keeping them close. November 7, 2013
Solid Pack for the Price I have owned this pack for about 3 years now and have put approximately 1200 miles on it. Never have I carried less than 55 pounds and have carried up to 85 pounds over sustained time periods. The Good: 1. It is truly a minimalist pack, compare it to similar freight haulers and you will see a significant difference in weight. 2. It has plenty of room to sustain oneself indefinitely in the wilderness. 3. Being as rigid as it is, it does an outstanding job with load bearing. The Bad: 1. The lumbar pad is very rigid, though this was not a significant issue for me. The greater issue was the hip belt, it could definitely use more padding. I would often be rubbed raw on my hips. 2. Ice axe loops could be better positioned. 3. There is no easily accessed water pouch. August 28, 2013
Excellent large hauler Excellent (relatively lightweight) large hauler. Comfortable on many mountains carrying heavy loads. I've used it so far up to about 60 lbs. and it felt like 40. Cavernous bottom zipper section holds two sleeping bags and even a small inflatable pad. Ice axe system is a little awkward and overly technical. Not sure why MH didn't keep the traditional loops on the bottom (might've saved an ounce or two as well). Lastly (and least important), I believe the "Large" size is actually 115L...this might be excessive - I'd rather retain the 105L size. July 27, 2013
It has the potential to be so much more... I used the BMG on Denali this spring because it was the lightest pack on the (mainstream) market for the given volume. Unfortunately, there were a number of small issues with the pack that I think could easily be eliminated: 1. As mentioned in another review, MH does not allow you to mix and match waist strap with pack body, meaning I had to shell out another $60 for a pack to fit my body (if you go on other sites, you can get the waist strap for substantially less, although its for the older version of the pack) 2. The padding in the lumbar region is EXTREMELY stiff. It left bruises on my lower back. Not sure if the stiffness is for load transfer, but it needs to be reconsidered for the next model. 3. There's no "traditional" ice ax loop near the bottom of the pack. MH support was great in getting back to me and showing me how they thought an ax should be carried, but it seemed a bit off to me. In the end, I made my own ax loop by attaching it to the bottom compression strap buckle (where you would normally attach a closed cell pad). 4. The lower compressions traps were to short to attach a Ridge Rest, so I had to add my own. 5. The water bottle pockets seem at odds with the rest of the pack's design choices. It seemed overly burdensome--I had to compress two straps just to get a drink of water out. In the end, I appreciated MH's minimalist approach to this pack. I understand that there really is no way to COMFORTABLY carry 50-60-70-80 lb loads (although the Denali Pro, which I used for several months, seems to carry loads a little better, but at a cost of about 2.7 lbs). However, I know MH has it in them to build a better pack, without substantially increasing weight. May 29, 2013
Perfect Big Load Hauler Purchased this pack in December 2012 for Denali climb in May 2013. Have used it twice on prep climbs. One on Mt. Hood, one on St. Helens. Both trips I loaded the pack with about 40lbs of gear, food and equipment. The sleeping bag compartment is a nice feature, as is the ability to really compress the load with the side and front straps. I'm 6'2" and have the "large" size - fit perfect and felt very comfortable . March 7, 2013
Great pack I really liked the pack. The pack can carry heavy loads well. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasnt for the chest strap/clip, it is not secured to the pack and falls off. I lost it so now im looking for a remedy. should be a simple fix. Great pack! January 31, 2013
Great Pack - Watch out for Belt Size What a great pack and does great carrying a 70 pound load - - good weight transfer to the hip belt. Watch out though for the belt sizing. I needed a Medium sized pack but the hip belt wound up being too small to go around my hips. Since you can't choose a belt size, I wound up having to buy another belt a size up - - cost $57 which starts to make the pack very expensive. January 25, 2013
Best value big pack out there Everything that you need in a big pack and no more. Not quite minimalist, but very simple and well made, but it still has just the right number of pockets (big main, plus sleeping bag and front pocket, plus few key stash pockets) and features. I especially like that when you remove the top lid, there's a flap with pockets that still covers the top which significantly reduces the size of the pack for shorter trips. The pack compresses down well when it is not full. For me it rides well and is very comfortable. Even so, get yourself in shape because it is so large that it will still be heavy when it is stuffed full of all of that stuff your family wants to bring along but does not want to carry themselves. January 9, 2013
IT'S A MONSTER! I bought this pack for 3-5 day backpacking trips. In the summer, this pack has more than enough room for all my gear and plus some. In the winter, this pack easily holds all my extra winter gear. Great craftsmanship throughout. Like a monster, this pack loves to gobble up your gear. December 5, 2012
Great bag for heavy loads I bought this bag to use for hiking and hunting. I have loaded this pack up with 70+ pounds on multiple occasions and it carries the load very well. The removable stay at the bottom of the pack is great for the really heavy loads. The load lifters are functional and takes the weight off of my shoulders like they are suppose to. I am very happy with this purchase! July 27, 2012
Everything but the kitchen sink Great massive bag. The only draw back is it's too big, you inevitably pack too much. I had everything I needed and more for three weeks on Aconcagua last year on my back. Didn't use any mules or services and this bag held it all. By the end my approach boots were shot but my back/neck were fine. November 10, 2011
Big Massive Gargantuan (BMG) Bag This bag is great. Anxious to try it out, I carried it up Three Fingered Jack a few weeks ago loaded with typical the typical gear (rope, food/water, extra clothes, etc) and had plenty of room leftover. It probably weighed all of 30-40 pounds, but road very well. The compression system makes the bag very functional for a variety of loads and is great with or without the top pouch. It remains waterproof and rides well either way. I had reservations about the thickness of the fitlock hip belt, but it was very comfortable and the backer bar locks it into the bag tightly. The buckles and glove friendly straps are ingenious. The only gripe that I have with the bag is the the internal separation between the bottom and top compartments isn't removable. The shear size of both compartments and easy access make this a small downside. Still 5 stars! August 15, 2011
Reasonable pack The pack is not too bad but I think there is room for improvement! I was carrying a 50 lbs load in the pack and the shoulder straps were extremely uncomfortable... they need to be widened! The pack was constantly cutting into my shoulders, which became unbearable after a few hours on the trail. The chest strap was useless as it was unable to adjust more than to a position just below my throat. August 9, 2011
Awesome Awesome Awesome Pack!!!! I suffer fI purchased the previous version of this pack in 2009 and it quickly became my favorite pack ever. The suspension rides better that the Gregory's I've owned, and it is very versatile. I had a buckle break in 2010 after putting several peaks and a bunch of trail miles, and the drawstring that synches the top expandable hood ripped about a month ago. MH support has been quick to fix both issues. They also provided me with extra buckles to take on climbs...free of charge. This pack is great on expedition style climbs, handles ice tools and ropes with ease, but is also great for weekend or extended backpacking trips. Also, if i got stuck in a blizzard on the side of a mountain I could bivy in the pack! OK, maybe not, but it's big. July 5, 2011
Excellent Pack Except For One Minor Flaw I got this pack to replace my 20 year old North Face model. I took it on a 5 day trip with my kids and was able to to carry an excessive amount of gear pretty comfortably. The only problem is that the pack has a pesky habit of losing the chest strap. One half of it fell off two times in a row which was a drag since I had to go back down the trail looking for it. It seems to come partially or fully unhooked from the shoulder straps when you take off or put on the pack. Another drag was if it comes partially unhooked and you want to reattach it, it is very to extremely hard to reattach with the pack on so I ended up having to take the pack off a few time to reattach it before learning to double check the thing each time I put the pack on. Perhaps next year they can change the chest strap so it isn't detachable or at least make it easier to reattach. July 3, 2011
BMG 105 Review Great pack! If it were not for the price it would be a solid 5 stars. Well built, sturdy and surprisingly light for such a large pack. Just enough tech worked in to keep you comfortable and keep your stuff organized while not going overboard with unnecessary pieces of flair. The pack was comfortable on the first use and has gotten even more comfortable with follow on uses as it got more broken in. Great for carrying heavy loads and versatile enough to be minimized to carry smaller loads on shorter trips as well. Nice job Mountainhardwear an a near perfect pack! April 12, 2011
about the best darn pack around. I own the south col pack also so I was thinking this was just a larger version of the south col. Not so ! in a perfect world if I could custom build packs, after many tries I would end up with this pack. it fits like a glove and has the ability to haul all the gear you will ever need. very good construction, and balance on any load. It has the ability to compress down or open up to a huge haul bag. Most all of the issues that the south col had were well though out and fixed on this pack. if on your next outing you need the one bag to go from the trail head to the summit, and you don't want to look like the clampits this is the bag for you. the best of the best of this pack include, better suspension ( aluminum spreader bar ), some larger side pockets for wands etc, a separate field accessible section ( lower sleeping bag / food section ) in closing best pack in the lot for what its for. March 18, 2011
greatest pack EVER This is a great professional guide pack. Plenty of room for your personal gear plus extras for clients. From a personal stand point this pack is great for the regular "couples" backpacker, when your girlfriend or even boyfriend wants to dumb gear on a long haul, there is plenty of room to throw it in your pack. March 16, 2011
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