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Jenn Berg

Around the age of 4 yrs old I started skiing, mostly on family vacations at the time. Skiing became my love and all I wanted to do was play in the snow and mountains. I ski raced through Jr. High and moved to Tahoe right after high school. From there I started competing in Big Mountain comps, taking 1st at the US National Freeskiing Championships and 3rd at the World Championships in Alaska.

These days I’m focused less on competition and more on shooting with photographers and filming. I have starred in the last 5 Warren Miller Films and have been published in all of the major ski magazines.

Get to know Jenn Berg

  • Birth Date:
    April 18th
  • Place of Birth:
    San Francisco, California
  • Current Home town:
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Primary Sport:
  • Specialties within your sport:
    Big Mountain / Backcountry Skiing
  • Other hobbies or sports:
    Mountain Biking, Snowmobiling and Motoing
  • My favorite Mountain Hardwear products:
    Nitrous Hooded Jacket, Snowtastic Jacket, Returia Pant, Kelvinator Jacket
  • How were you introduced to your sport?
    Family trips up to Tahoe, introduced me to the sport of skiing. These special family adventures up to the Sierra Mountains are some of the best memories of my life.
  • What inspires you?
    I am inspired by positive people that find simple pleasure and beauty in all that surround them. I also find inspiration from those that are able to push through life's challenges with focus, determination and strength.
  • What advice would you give to newcomers to skiing today?
    Never stop learning, remain humble, continue to evolve and progress… and most importantly, always have Fun!
  • How do you balance your training schedule with your “real” job?
    Since "training" is more of a lifestyle and way of life, it is important to find a "real" job that embodies a culture that parallels your passions and offers flexibility. I do search engine marketing for and am stoked to also be an athlete on the Team!
  • In 10 years I hope to be…
    Healthy, Happy and continuing to share my stoke and love for Skiing with my family, friends and younger generations.
  • Six-word bio – In exactly six words summarize yourself
    Lover of life, Nature and Challenge
  • If you were a super hero, who would you be?
    Shane McConkey


  • 1st - US National Freeskiing Championships, ('99) Snowbird, Utah
  • 3rd - World Extreme Skiing Championships, ('97) Valdez, Alaska
  • Cover Shots / Published Photos / Editorial Features in Powder Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, Ski Magazine

Film Appearances

  • Warren Miller - "Children of Winter" - 2008 (Utah Backcountry)
  • Warren Miller - “Off The Grid” - 2006 (Utah Backcountry)
  • Warren Miller - “Impact” - 2004 (Girdwood, AK / Utah Backcountry)
  • Warren Miller - “Journey” - 2002 (Tahoe Backcountry)
  • Straight Up Films - “Higher On The Mountain” - 2001 (Whistler Backcountry)
  • Straight Up Films - “Altitude” - 2000 (Valdez, Alaska)

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